Joy in the Journey

Are you struggling with grief, worry, anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem, depression or difficult relationships?  Are you looking for a community of like-minded women who can walk along side of you in the midst of your struggles?  Join us as we learn together how to run life’s race with resiliency and strength.

Wellspring Christian Counseling offers dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) groups for women based on the Gardening Your Life series by Heidi Vermeer-Quist. Together we learn how to thrive in the midst of life’s trials.  You are invited no matter what the circumstances are in your life right now.  Come find support and answers in God’s Word. 

Please contact Julie Fletcher to get started with a group at




Wellspring Christian Counseling's anxiety group for girls ages 14 and up.

It is normal for teens to worry. Grades, friends, dating, competitive sports, family conflicts and other situations can be nerve-racking. But when anxiety overwhelms you and keeps you from finding joy in life, it’s time to reach out for help.

If you are a teenage girl struggling with the pressures of life and finding your place in this world, you are not alone. Many others are experiencing similar struggles. This group was designed to be a safe place to talk about your problems with others and receive unconditional acceptance. Together we will learn the skills to put a few small changes in place that can make all the difference to your overall well-being. This group will be based on cognitive behavioral principles, along with the truths found in the Bible.

Please email Julie Fletcher at if interested in this group.